What we do

Animal Rescue | Animal Rescue Charity | Animal Charity | Rescue


We provide stray animals shelter. We foster them in a home environment and take care of them.

Animal Cruelty | Cruelty Response | Animal Rescue Charity

Cruelty Response

We take immediate response to every cruelty report we receive to take the animals out of harm immediately. Our aim is to stop animal abusers and create safe environment for animals.

Medical Care | Animal Rescue Charity | Donate to animal charity

Medical Care

We provide urgent and preventive medical care. We make sure animals are healthy and safe.

Animal Welfare | Animal Rescue charity | donate to animal charity | Make a donation


We aim to influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda and make policies and practices to ensure animal protection is not forgotten.

Animal Rescue Charity | Animal welfare


We help animals when disaster or pandemic strikes.
Eduate communities | Animal rescue charity | Protect Animals


We inspire and encourage people and move communities to protect animals.