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Tips for Taking Care of Horses

Taking Care of Horses | Animal Care | Animal Rescue Charity

If you are an animal lover and want to bring a new pet to your home then first, you need to learn how to take care of your new guest. Like all other pets, such as cats and dogs, horses are wonderful pets as well but they require much more care than most other animals. If you are planning to bring a horse at home then you must need to learn basics such as how to take care, feed, and groom. Taking care of horses require a huge amount of effort, so here we have few tips that can help you

1) Feeding:

Food is the very first thing, which you have to prepare even before bringing your horse home. Fresh grass is the best food for taking care of horses, but in case of the unavailability of fresh grass, hay is the second-best option to feed your horse. Hay is full of nutrients, which provide strength and make your horse strong. Try to find the fine-stemmed, green, leafy, and soft hay instead of musty, excessively sun-bleached, or dusty.

2) Supplementary Feed

If the natural food is not enough for the health of your horse, and it is in losing health condition then supplementary food may be necessary. Ask your horse`s vet for the best suitable supplementary food. Make sure that your horse is getting a sufficient amount of Omega-3 to have to good diet and a shiny coat.

3) Water:  

Water is a basic requirement of any living thing. Make sure that clean and fresh water must be always available for your horse; otherwise, he can become severely ill due to dehydration. Un-hygienic water can cause different kinds of diseases and germs that can damage your horse’s health. Waterers and troughs should be clean as well. You can clean water by adding a little amount of apple vinegar.

4) Grooming: 

Grooming is an important aspect while taking care of horses. Grooming a horse requires a lot of attention, care, and knowledge. It is much more than only brushing a horse. Everyday quick grooming can help in maintaining the good health of your horse and provide you the chance to inspect the horse`s body.

Invest your money in good quality equipment for grooming to get a strong and healthy coat.

5) Stable: 

Horses spend most of the time in their stables. Providing the best environment can improve horse health. A stall, barns, and sheds must be properly designed to make your horse comfortable. Everything in horse surroundings such as fences, doors, walls, stalls should be hazards-free for good care of a horse. Also, horses generally appreciate a large space to move around freely.


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