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Save Elephant Charity

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The Massive Drop Down in Number of Elephants

In 1980, we had 1.3 million elephants, but today we only have 40,000-50,000 Elephants alive. The huge number has dropped by 62% and it is predicted that elephants might extinct by the end of the next decade. The reason is; lack of awareness, cruelty, and inhumanity.

Elephants are recognized as an intelligent creature that serves the landscape or ecosystem too. But unfortunately, people have failed to realize their importance and cultural significance. Elephants are killed for the ivory trade; their habitats are encroach by humans or killed by poachers.

We as an elephant charity donation have decided to condemn this act of cruelty and offer elephants a helping hand. You can save elephant charity by being a donator.

Save elephant charity and monitoring

Our wildlife charity has been collaboratively working to control the illegal killing of elephants. Our cutting-edge research on elephant’s ecology and behavior help us to know the exact insights of elephant abuse and what can be done to condemn it.  The solid scientific data we have collected until now has helped us in resolving numerous elephant abuse cases globally.

You can donate to save elephants to our non-profitable-organization and save elephant charity.

Donate to save elephants

Until now, our elephant charity donation has protected a huge number of animals from illegal killing and traffickers. Through the donations we received, we supported a vast number of elephants by providing them the love and care they deserve.

To some extent, we have been successful in our mission. But there are still a lot of things, undone. For this, we require your support. You can donate to save elephants and be a part of our save elephant charity mantra.

Save elephant charity by helping elephants

Our elephant charity donation seamlessly works to offer care and assistance to voiceless creatures that are already very near to being listed among extinct species. We do not only help elephants but love them from the core of our hearts. Our well-trained staff and volunteers ensure that animals are treated the right way in our elephant charity donation. In case of medical emergencies, the wounded animal is immediately taken under care and provided the required assistance.

All the medicines, equipment, food, and other essentials come from a generous audience like you. Since elephant abuse has become more frequent, we require more aid. We solely rely on donators.

How are we playing our role?

Our elephant charity donation doesn’t practice any discrimination based on type, gender, age, or the background it comes from. Elephants or animals from all scenarios are warmly welcomed at our elephant charity donation. They are provided with shelter, and all the necessities of life, they deserve.

Also, we carry out several education sessions to strengthen the elephant-human bond and educate people about how they should be treating elephants, instead of normalizing killing and abuse.

Is saving elephants difficult?

Helping elephants isn’t that difficult at all. You can donate to save elephants and be a part of our valuable donate elephant charity donation. We are a registered and reliable NGO. Press the donate button to make a donation and save an elephant.

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