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Providing Safety & Shelter to Street Dogs

Providing Safety & Shelter to Street Dogs | Animal Rescue Charity | Animal Shelter | Animal welfare

Dogs and humans have a relationship that was always there. They offer selfless love and care to humans that none of the other animals offer. Dogs have always been faithful to the man and in return they only ask for affection. Apart from properly raised dogs, there are also many stray dogs present around, which can be saved under the rescue street dogs program. Through your help we provide Safety & Shelter to Street Dogs.

These poor animals are roaming around on streets without any shelter or food, but we can help them in having a decent life by providing. Some of the ways are:

  • First, look for the dogs that are homeless and cannot survive on their own.
  • To help such stray animals, you can contact any shelter home-like Animal Rescue Charity.
  • If possible then contribute some food to these charities or animal shelters. Not only that, but you can also pick a place to distribute food amongst these street dogs. Once there is a spot, they will gather themselves for the food like a routine.
  • Give these animals to some shelter home that can take care of them.
  • If no help is available, then take care of these homeless dogs till the professional charity arrives.

If you find any stray dog around, then you can also follow these steps in order to rescue street dogs. Put that dog in some safe area and call the community center. These centers are equipped with the expertise to secure such animals. The other way is to circulate the dog’s pictures around in your circle on social media or in groups.

While securing the dog, it is crucial to offer him enough food and water. Till someone comes and adopts the dog, provide him or her with the shelter. If anyone claims to be the owner of that dog, verify the ownership. Verification is vital otherwise any animal abuser could get charge of the poor dog too. If you develop a relationship in the meantime, then there is no harm in adopting that adorable dog. You can also consider adopting if no one comes forward.

However, prior to adopting the dog, you must also overview that whether your circumstances allow it. Getting a medical check-up done is also very important because you never if the stray dog has got any flees or other health issues.

Adopting an abandoned dog or providing Shelter to Street Dogs is an act of kindness that one can do for the betterment of society as well.

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