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Phases Of a Rescue Dog – How To Help Them?

Phases Of a Rescue Dog | Animal Rescue Charity | Rescue Dog

It is not always easy to calm a rescue dog because of many reasons. They are down emotionally and scared to make any new relationship. Though, there are several ways through which we can help them and make them comfortable. If you are giving a place to these dogs in your own home, then it is important to make things normal for them because there are phases of a rescue dog that you need to adhere to.

These phases are:
  • Make sure that there are no harmful objects are lying around such as hangers, wires, medicines, etc. this will prevent them from hurting themselves seriously. This trains them that they do not have to eat everything present around them.
  • Develop your relationship with dogs and try to be friends with them as soon as possible. The more you will get contented with each other, the more fun times will begin.
  • Another phase that you need to go through is that cover the escape area from around the house. Keep the gates closed with locks or hydraulic gates.
  • Dogs can be kept in a crate or in place that in a cozy place where they could relax. If the crate is not possible, then pick a room for them so that they could have their own time. This tactic also keeps the new member calm and feels at home.
  • Take a tour around the park or outside more often so that they would not feel trapped somewhere. Give them a feeling of freedom with you and that you care about their space. Taking a walk along will also strengthen your relationship with each other and the animals will get playful with you.
  • The training phase is very crucial as you will lead your dog with a leash around. Take them to the feeding area and to their room. Also, play around by throwing bone or toy and they will catch it for you.

These are some of the phases of a rescue dog that will allow them to settle with you and your surroundings. These steps are useful to establish a healthy relationship with your new pet that is scared and emotionally shattered. It is another positive feeling that when you come back home, this little bundle of joy is waiting for you and jump over you with love.

Animal Rescue Charity helps rescue animals in finding homes and the right family members.

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