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Horses Need Homes – Help Building Safe Home for Horses

Safe Home For Horses

Horses are free animals. They love grazing the grass and roam around while running and jumping to their fullest. It is a common situation that horses are usually kept by horse lovers only. This makes it difficult for the lovely animal to move around on its own. Other than having horses for aesthetic, racing, or riding purposes, the animals are also used for transportation services. Mostly, they are not treated well and face abusive behavior. In that case, the animal protection organizations come forward and press the need that horses need homes.

For the welfare of horses, having a secured and properly built stable is very crucial so that they could live there in harsh weather or when they are ill. There is a special structure made up for the barns where horses can have their good times.

Keeping and managing horses is not as easy as keeping a cat or dog. One needs a big space and a strong setup to keep this burly animal. Help a Child look for such horses which must be kept in some shed or already made barn. This way, these horses would not be roaming around open rather will be secured in a barn-like place.

What type of barn do horses need?

An ideal barn must have good ventilation with the roof and sides supported by poles. Such a structure of a barn is also good for the owners to clean the place. Having a strongly made barn keeps it safe from extreme weather conditions as well. In case of high winds or rains, the barn remains intact from its base and the animals also stay safe even if you are away from the barn. Do not have concrete or slippery flooring for the horses. They could get a slip and injured themselves. Using rubber mats will prevent them from slipping or coming across any injury. Spreading straws across the floor is also useful as it makes the horses feel present in a natural environment.

How Help a Child is helping?

Animal Rescue Charity looks for such homeless horses that need some support. These horses are sent to the shelter barns where they are taken care of with food and medicine. They are provided with fresh water and medical assistance is offered if they are sick. We also gather donations for the welfare of horses so that they are also given proper care.

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