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Horse Rehoming Charity

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Stats reveal every 1 out of 4 horses suffers from abuse. We as a horse rehoming charity have been striving for a long period to eliminate horse abuse and give them the care which they deserve.

Our horse rehoming charity works on a simple rule; rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

This horse rehoming charity has been working tremendously to improvise the horse-human relationship. We have been successful in our mission but there is still a lot to do.

Animal Rescue Charity solely relies on the general public for support and aid, so we can continue our act of kindness and continue serving horses that are in extreme need of help.

The Strategy of Our Horse Rehoming Charity

Being a horse rehoming charity we work collaboratively to make this place a better one for these voiceless creatures. Our collaboration includes the involvement of professional veterinarians who have a bespoke history of experience. Under these experienced veterinarians, our volunteers are trained to help horses and take good care of them. In case of being injured and wounded, our experienced staff gives the immediate treatment.

Our treatment and services are delivered under the supervision of highly-qualified and professional staff.

The Set of Values and Code Of Conduct We Follow

We follow a certain code of conduct and values since we came into being. Luckily, we have stick to our base values and code of conduct up till now. We do not follow the law of discrimination on the basis of gender, age, or case. Horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, and every kind of breed are warmly welcomed at our horse rehoming charity.

Our Multiple Visions to Serve Voiceless Creatures

Our horse rehoming charity has multiple aims. Apart from being a rehabilitation center, we strongly condemn animal or horse bully and take strict actions if any case is reported to us. Our professionals are known to all animal-related laws and understand how to implement maximum punishment through the law.

Besides this, we carry out several training sessions for the audience to educate them on how to deal with animals politely and offer them shelter when they are in need.

You Can Play Your Role Too

Our horse rehoming charity offers several options for a peaceful life of horses. Either you can donate to play your role, or adopt a horse and offer it a cheerful environment, complemented with care and love. You need to go through a simple verification process, which is done by us so we ensure that the horses are being given to the right hands.

Willing to Help The Horse in Need?

With several years of experience and trust, our horse rehoming charity has multiple successful cases of rescuing horses from cruelty or neglecting; or horses that are in desperate need of shelter, medical care, and treatment. We wish to continue doing so. For this, we require your helping hand in the form of donations.

If you wish to save horses and be a part of this benevolence act, donate now.

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