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World Stray Animals Day 2021 – Show Your Love & Support

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April 4 is considered as the world stray animals’ day. The day when we all should show love, attention, and compassion to all the animals living on the earth. Stray animals roaming on the roads are more in need of care and love. Because mostly these animals suffer from multiple diseases, severe cold and heat, even some violent and hostile people annoy them.

However, people who love animals can do many things for them. Today, on world stray animal`s day here we have few ways that how can we show some love to them.

 Provide Them Water And Food

Stray animals usually roam around in the streets in search of food and water, however, many times they failed to find any. Providing them food and water would be the best way to show your care and compassion. You can buy animal dry food from any of your nearest departmental stores and keep it in your bag, so wherever you come across any cat or dog you can give them instantly. If you cannot afford to buy dry food then before throwing away the leftover food, think about the hungry animals on the streets. In summers, you can also keep a bowl full of water outside your gate for thirsty animals.

Watch Out For Injuries

If you see an injured animal on the road instantly, take some medical help. You can also take them to the veterinary or call any animal care center. However, be careful with them because they can be aggressive due to pain and can harm you. In that case, call a professional animal rescuer.

Provide Them A Shelter

Providing shelter to homeless animals gives them relief in extreme weather from heavy rains to scorching summers to frozen winters. A shelter could be as simple as a gentle shade, an old rug, or a makeshift shed that will provide comfort and relief to stray animals.

Give A Loving Home

Everyone wants a loving and warm home. If you see any stray animal on the streets call the animal rescue center or shelter home and inform them, so they can take to the rescue center and take good care of them.  Adopting a stray animal or becoming a foster home would be great options as well.

Make Donation

Donating is the easiest way to show your love. You can donate funds and goods to any nearest animal shelter home. Toys, old blankets, old furniture, and anything that is no longer in your use can help the rescue center to save more animals. You can also ask your family and friends to make donations as much as they can.


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