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5 Things You Can Do To Help Lost Dogs

5 Things You Can Do To Help Lost Dogs | Animal Rescue Charity | Rescue dogs | Help Lost Dogs

Research reveals 10 million pets are lost annually solely in the US. You might be disheartened to know that only 15% canine companion is lucky enough to meet or reunite with their owner. Support us to Help Lost Dogs.

You cannot control the numbers of dogs lost each year, but you can definitely help lost dogs, by knowing the guidelines and correct way to tackle poor little fuzzbutt. Following is the guide to help lost dogs or pooch:

Helping lost dogs, trick #1: Do not spook

Lost pets are generally scared and frightened. Approaching them directly from the front side or running behind them will only make the situation uncontrolled. The right way to do so is slowly walking towards them, squat down and wait. If the dog becomes comfortable, the situation is under control. Otherwise, do not try to grab them forcefully.

Helping lost dogs, trick #2: IDENTIFICATION!

Generally, every dog has ID tags or microchips containing owner information. All veterinary clinics or animal shelters have the facility of verifying the pet. If they get the details, they can contact the owner and reunite them.

Helping lost dogs, trick #3: Look for tattoo

Tattoos are another kind of verification for the lost dogs. The tattoos can be located at the inner thighs, dog’s ear, or belly. Get it traced by a veterinarian or animal shelter. If it gets traced, the pet can be reunited with the owner.

Helping lost dogs, trick #4: List it

Apart from microchip and tattoo verification, you can upload the details of the lost dog on social media, or report it to animal shelters. Their intensive network and website feature lost dog lists that can help the owner and lost dog in patch up. Moreover, you can stick flyers on the most-visited places of the city.

Helping lost dogs, trick #5: Keep them save

Until you hear from the owner or drop the lost voiceless creature at the animal shelter, your might have to keep it with you. But ensure that the dog doesn’t interact with other family members or pets. This is because you do not know about the last vaccinations or illness the newcomer might have.


Sometimes reuniting dogs with their owners can be rewarding too. But keep in mind; if you are inexperienced in handling stray animals or pets, you better get in touch with a local shelter or rescue and their professional team will handle it.

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